Bethza Professional Makeup Studio: Nature Vs. Nurture Regarding Entrepreneurship


Can entrepreneurship be taught or is it a unique talent that certain people are gifted with? This is an ongoing debate that may never be resolved, but one thing is for certain, whether entrepreneurship can be taught or not, if we put ourselves in an entrepreneurial environment, it is highly likely that we will begin thinking as such, acting as such. Despite whether entrepreneurship is a matter of nature or nurture, in the case of the Seminario family, no matter by influence or by genetics, entrepreneurship runs in the family legacy.

In our previous story, we shed light on Sergio Seminario, founder and owner of ProVida Fitness, a local gym in Elkhart. Today we shed light on two people very close to Sergio and two people who had a direct influence on his journey; Maria Regalado-Portal and Bethza Seminario, Sergio’s mother and older sister. The two ladies make up another mother-daughter business duo in Elkhart, Indiana and when we got the opportunity to speak with both of them individually, it became evident why entrepreneurship runs in the family and why it will continue to run in the Seminario family for many years to come.


During our time with Sergio, he spoke to the big influence that his mother and father had in always motivating him and his sibling to be their own bosses and control their own futures. During our time with Bethza, she reiterated this point but told us that in her initial journey, the words of her mother and father did not resonate as much.

“Growing up my mom and dad always encouraged my siblings and I to figure out our talents and passions and then make a living out them. They always encouraged us to strive to be our own bosses but when I was younger I used to think to myself, ‘why? What if I want to work for someone else’?

Bethza explained however that as she grew up and gained more life experience, her parents’ words meant more and more to her. Bethza and Maria’s story is a unique one because it speaks to the fact that we become products of our own environments. Originally from Peru, Bethza came to the United States with the aspirations of becoming a doctor. She attended IU South Bend for three years studying biology but soon after her third year she realized what was not the path she wanted to take in life. During her time in college, she began doing dance and taking part in school performances, interestingly enough, her dance hobbies led to the discovery of her business passion. Bethza told us that on many occasions, her dance team and her would get their makeup dome for their performances but the makeup would never last an entire performance, “so I began Googling tips and tricks of how to make my makeup last longer”, Bethza said, and soon enough she had gotten hooked on this newly discovered form of art, she had found her passion.

“The more I learned about makeup, the more I fell in love with the idea of becoming a professional makeup artist. I had found a career path than I did not even know existed and so I decided to take a leap of faith and make something happen”.

Bethza told us her biggest fear initially was not fear failure but instead of fear of disappointing her family. “For the longest time, my family thought I was going to become a doctor, I always expressed that,” Bethza told us, “so thinking about telling the people closest to me, ‘there’s been a change of plans’ was very scary for me”. Armed with courage and optimism, Bethza told her family about her career path change, enrolled in beauty classes and took the necessary steps to become the professional she knew she could be.


Soon after becoming a licensed makeup artist, Bethza launched her career as a freelancer. “I slowly acquired a loyal clientele,” Bethza said, “there came a time where my clients wanted a physical location where they could set up meetings with me rather than me coming over to their house all the time and this was really the beginning of our business that exists today”. Maria Regalado-Portal, Bethza’s mother told us she always say herself as an entrepreneur, or rather, as a free business spirit.

“I grew up in a family of business owners. My parents owned businesses, my brothers owned businesses, so I knew form a very young age that I wanted to be a businesswoman as well”.

Before going into partnership with her daughter Bethza, Maria was running a business services firm, providing tax preparation and business consulting for other local businesses. “Bethza Professional Makeup Studio was born from a combination of passions and talents”, Maria told us. “My daughter Bethza had been making a name for herself as a freelancer, I always had a passion for showcasing beauty as well as business development so I told my daughter, ‘why not go into business together’”? And just like that, Bethza Professional Makeup Studio was born in July 2012.

“I always knew that I wanted to build something for my children and for the children of my children. I would have never imagined however that it would be something this beautiful, something that would allow me to unite my daughters not only as family but also a business associates”.

Bethza Professional Makeup Studio specializes in makeup artistry as well as beauty extensions and through Bethza’s creativity and passion for her craft and Maria’s visionary focus, the Seminario ladies have built an outstanding business in the heart of downtown Elkhart.


The more we spoke with Bethza and her mother Maria, the more we realized the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, people who will support you no matter what. When Bethza decided that she wanted to completely change paths, leaving behind her aspirations to become a doctor and pursuing a career in beauty, it would not have been a surprise of her family turned their back on her but it was the exact opposite.

“My parents always supported my siblings in I in whatever we wanted to do or whoever who wanted to be. And despite the fact that they always told us to strive to become our own bosses, they never forced us to do anything we did not want to”.

Bethza told us how fortunate she feels to not only have discovered her true passion but to have the support of her family to turn her passion into a living and making dreams come alive together as a family. Bethza Professional Makeup Studio has become not only a family pillar but a pillar of the downtown Elkhart community having paved the way for what is now known as “the beauty corner” in downtown. As we looked back at the past five years, we asked both Maria and Bethza to share the biggest keys to success that they acknowledged in hindsight. Despite the fact that we asked both ladies this question at different times during our individual conversations with each of them, they both responded the following:

“Being in the constant pursuit of our own company growth without worrying what others were doing is what ultimately kept us focused, kept us honest, and kept us genuine. We never strived to be like anyone else, nor did we ever want to grow at the sake of anyone else”.

Both Bethza and Maria told us that something very important to them when it comes to personal success and their company’s success is never worrying about what anyone else is doing. “We always focus on us, on becoming the best versions of ourselves and ultimately that is what makes us different”, the ladies said.

“Business is hard enough as it is, it get’s even harder when you try to be someone you’re not, when you lose your sense of uniqueness”.

Maria, a polished businesswoman and supporting mother is now also known as the “lash queen” for her specialization in lash extensions as an esthetician at Bethza Professional Studio. Bethza, a now fearless lover of beauty specializes in makeup artistry and building community relations for the studio. Outside of being businesswomen, outside of being creative, Maria and Bethza are both mothers. As a mother-daughter duo, the two ladies have built something for their family, for their children and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We closed the interview with Maria’s words of advice for aspiring business people and anyone in general for that matter.

“Be patient and be relentless in pursuit of your dreams, but never forget to enjoy life, never forget to put kindness back into the world”.

We truly look forward to seeing where Bethza Professional Makeup Studio goes in the coming years. As we’ve seen, the Seminario family carries entrepreneurship in their legacy, which also makes us incredibly excited for the next breed of entrepreneurs, which we have yet to see from the family.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed this piece. And though the debate on nature versus nurture when it comes to entrepreneurship never be settled, let us always enjoy and appreciate the results of both. Till next time. 

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