Eclipse Window Tinting: A Parent’s Impact in Molding an Entrepreneur

We all have role models growing up, people who we look up to and admire for different things. Many times, when you ask a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up" they will respond, "I want to be like my mom" or "I want to be like my dad". This was exactly the case for Luis Santiago, owner of Eclipse Window Tinting in Elkhart, Indiana. 

Before getting the chance to speak with Luis Santiago, we had the pleasure of speaking with his mother Esther, the owner of Esther's Beauty Salon, our very first featured story. Immediately upon speaking with Luis, there is an amazing resemblance to his mother in their friendly tone, the charismatic way in which they carry themselves, and the warm way in which they greet every person that comes through their door. 

Besides the welcoming characteristics that identify both Luis and his mother Esther, Luis expressed that there is so much more he believes he inherited from his mom. 

"I think the work hustle I inherited directly from my mom. I truly believe my relentless work-ethic can be credited directly to her".

Although Luis credits his mother Esther for his work ethic, he also gives big credit to his father for having introduced him to the craft of window tint installation. Luis told us that growing up, his father had several business occupations, one of which was selling cars. One day, Luis said, my father told me, "son, let's tint the windows of this car". So father and son rented instructional VHS videos, went through a lot of trial and error, and just like that, an entrepreneurial seed had been planted within Luis. 

"My journey has been molded by constant learning, constant trial and error, constant mistakes, and most importantly, the neverending support of my family"

Without a doubt, Luis and Esther share an incredible work ethic. But something equally important Luis and his mom also share is the passion for continuous self-improvement. During the short interview, Luis told us that he does his absolute best to stay up-to-date with everything that goes on in his industry through attending seminars, completing further training workshops, and continuously watching new training videos which allow him to always keep a pulse on what is going on. 

"When my clients come to me as a professional, they have expectations. I work hard to continue to educate myself and surpass the expectations of my clients because they deserve that".  

On various instances, throughout the interview, Luis mentioned the fact that he loves the journey on which he is on. This led me to ask him, "To what would you attribute your success thus far"? His response was nothing short of amazing. "To answer your question, I would say I credit my success thus far to my patient ambition". Extremely curious to hear more about what he meant, I told him to go on and he stated, "I have big dreams, but I don't want to accomplish them quickly, I am no rush. I love the journey, I love learning, I love the process of pursuing a goal, which is what keeps me honest and humble. 

Though not stated directly, one can only imagine that Luis' patient ambition derives from him witnessing his entrepreneur parents develop their businesses throughout his younger years. For those of us who are also aspiring entrepreneurs, we think we understand the concept of having to work hard for about a decade until you see real results but it cannot be fully grasped unless you witness it first-hand, as Luis did with his parents. 

"Being raised by entrepreneurs inspired me to become one"

Toward the end of the interview, Luis told us that when he was young, he did not have many goals or ambitions. "This is why I credit so much of who I am to my parents. "Seeing them work so hard to build a better a future, to build something for themselves inspired me to do the same", Luis said. 

Through his relentless work ethic, passion for continuous improvement, determination and many lessons learned from his parents, Luis Santiago has built a successful window tinting installation company in Elkhart, Indiana and we are eager to see what will be next for Luis. He closed the interview leaving us with the following statement:

  "One thing I've learned along the way is to always be open to new ideas and to always listen to what people have to say. Sometimes the most amazing ideas come from candid, casual conversations". 

Luis couldn't be more right and we end this story incredibly excited for the future. The next big thing is only a conversation away. 

  • Address: 1408 W Lusher Ave, Elkhart, IN 46517

  • Phone: 574-361-1472


The Latino Entrepreneur Story Writing Project is sponsored by the Center for Intercultural and International Education at Goshen College. 

Sergio Ortiz